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The Newbie Strikes Again

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Hello again ! The big bad newbie struggled a lot , and with a bit of help , i made this bot for Tales of Pirates Online . Now what i want from you guys is to tell me if is something wrong or to give me ideas to improve and make it better . It would be just awesome if you can test it , but only if you can. Thank you for reading this and i hope i'll get some good lines .

#Include <Misc.au3>
Opt("PixelCoordMode", 2);1=absolute, 0=relative, 2=client
Opt("MouseCoordMode", 2);1=absolute, 0=relative, 2=client

; Below is some pixel colors to use for certain animals.
;~ 0xEBB5D6 Dry Mystic Shrubs
;~ 0x844952 Snowy Mystic Shrub
;~ 0x295118 Melons & Cactus
;~ 0x538BA7 Debug the HP Bar/Heal function
;~ 0xF7D7BD Humpy Camel
;~ 0xCE9231 Bear Cub
;~ 0x6B3021 Cuddly Lamb
;~ 0xDE7573 Sea snail
;~ 0xB56508 Little Deer - Elk
;~ 0x393894 Sailor Penguin
;~ 0x5265CE Naiad
;~ 0x84DF52 Oyster 0x636D5A <-- grey on green oyster Yellow--> 0xF7FF84
;~ 0xF77500 Horned Penguin
;~ 0x39FBBD Snowy Shroom
;~ Angelic Panda 0x181818 0x08B25A
;~ Smuggler 0x7B304A
;~ Meadow Deer 0x848E18
;~ Armored Crab 0xEF6D08-0xFFB263-0xF77921
;~ Seaweed 0x89B252 0x855E1F 0xA0844A 0x7CA140 0x675642 0x885E31

$Monsters = 0xDE7573; Pixel color being searched for
$lowhealth = 85; makes character auto sit if health is 40% left
$Shadevar = 0
$Attack = 0
While $Attack = 0
$coord = PixelSearch(1, 1, 780, 580, $Monsters, 1);$Shadevar); Looking for the Pixel "Left,Top,Right,Bottom"
If Not @error Then
;~ MsgBox(0, "Pixel", "monster " & $Shadevar, 6)
;~ MsgBox(0, "Location", "x coords " & $coord[0] & " y coords " & $coord[1],2)
MouseClick("left", $coord[0], $coord[1], 3, 4); clicking the pixel
Sleep(3000);wait 5 seconds before picking up items
;~ Call("PickupDrops")
$Shadevar = 0
If _IsPressed("23") Then $Attack = 1;if "end" is pressed then this will make $DryMystic=1 so the loop will stop
$Shadevar = $Shadevar + 1;increase allowable shade variation by 1 until shade is found
MsgBox(0, "Bot Disabled", "You turned off the Bot!");Window name , text in the msgBox saying Bot is off !

Func checkandheal()
$coord = PixelSearch(75, 26, 183, 31, 0x538BA7, 5)
If Not @error Then
;~ MsgBox(0,"location","the x-location of the found pixelis "& $coord[0])
$healthlvl = (($coord[0] - 75) / (183 - 75)) * 100
If $healthlvl < $lowhealth Then
$h = 0
$attack = 1
While $h = 0
Sleep(33000); 30 seconds of heal time.
PixelSearch(75, 26, 183, 31, 0x538BA7)
If @error Then
$h = 1
$attack = 0

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