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WMEncoder + AutoIt = Live streaming

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I'm in the middle of creating some simple app to chat over net. Due to I didn't found solution on the forum I posting some code, maybe someone would be looking for it.

0. Webcam

1. Install Windows Media Encoder 9 Series and SDK.

2. Make sure that WMEncEng.dll is registered (if no just run: RegSvr32 "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Components\Encoder\WMEncEng.dll")

3. ^C, ^V the code

4. Run it

5. Open WMPlayer with URL: http://localhost:8010


$object = ObjCreate("WMEncEng.WMEncoder")
if @error then  
    msgbox(0, "Error", "Couldn't create object! Exiting...")
    $SrcGrpColl = $object.SourceGroupCollection
    $SrcGrp = $SrcGrpColl.Add("SG_1")
    $SrcVid = $SrcGrp.AddSource($WMENC_VIDEO)
    $SrcAud = $SrcGrp.AddSource($WMENC_AUDIO)


    $ProColl = $object.ProfileCollection
    $lLength = $ProColl.Count
    For $i = 0 To $lLength - 1
        $Pro = $ProColl.Item($i)
        If $Pro.Name = "Windows Media Video 8 for Local Area Network (384 Kbps)" Then
            $SrcGrp.Profile = $Pro

    $Broadcast = $object.Broadcast
    $Broadcast.PortNumber($WMENC_PROTOCOL_HTTP) = 8010
    while 1


TIP: There is a lot of samples in VB, try google some. Now it is just to write local proxy and push traffic across some server to bypass firewalls.

BTW: delay of displaying stream is caused by WMPlayer settings.

BTW2: looks really nice on WM6 :)


1. RTFM | /dev/LOL2. RTFS | /dev/OMG3. FGI | /dev/WTF4. /dev/BBQ :)

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interesting, we use WME to stream mofo fm, i just have a script that opens it and loads the stream settings file and starts the encoding, but will have to look at this, looks cool. could be a possible way for me to add streaming to the radio automation software. thx 4 sharing.

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