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String functions and white space.

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I had set up a rule in Outlook to send the .Body text to an AutoIt EXE as command line parms ... like

wshell.Run "SomeAutoIt.exe " & SomeRedemptionObj.Body

Then in the SomeAutoIt.exe I try to clean up the command line using StringStripWS and other StringReplace functions...

I am just wondering if anyone else has played with the .Body text from Outlook, because the whitespace just would not clean up.

I ended up processing the $CmdLineRaw character by character.

I will try to set up some reproduction scenarios as soon as I have a chance, but thought I would start this to see if anyone else has had problems with $CMDLINE and string weirdness.


f_mrcleansmalm_77ce002.jpgAutoIt has helped make me wealthy

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