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I need some ideas on how to let script work on all language OSes

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I am doing test automation for some utilities. The problem I have is, I am not only testing utilities on English OS, but in another 10 different language too. I need to make my script work on all OSes regardless of language. This limits my options while coding, such as use text string to id objects.

I don't think I am the only one having this kind of problem. So please share with me how you managed to overcome situation like this? Any ideas are welcome.

Thanks for the help.

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I dont have to deal 10 language , only 2 ., I just preset every constant of the GUI . For 10 i will put them in array .For i use if then else , to prevent language detection error so i always have default to load .it look like this :

#include <GUIConstants.au3>

If StringLower(@OSLang) = "040c" Then

$cstGUIWindowTitle = "Ghost Launcher"

$cstGUISessionName = "Session"

$cstGUICreate = "Créer"

$cstGUICreateDescription = "Description"

$cstGUICreateKeep = "Rétention"

$cstGUICreateKeep1 = "1 semaine"

$cstGUICreateKeep2 = "2 semaines"

$cstGUICreateKeep3 = "3 semaines"

$cstGUICreateKeep4 = "4 semaines"

$cstGUIRestore = "Restaurer"

$cstGUIFree = "Libre"

$cstGUIFreeDescription = "Session libre pour créer ou restaurer une image"

$cstGUIParameters = "Paramètres"

$cstGUISessionCount = "Nombre"

$cstGUISessionReboot = "Redémarrer le poste"

$cstGUIGhostSvrRestart = "Redémarrer Symantec GhostCast Server"

$cstGUIAppClose = "Fermer Ghost Launcher"

$cstGUIOK = "OK"

$cstGUICancel = "Annuler"

$cstGUIErrSessionNameUndefined = "L'identificateur de session est inféfini"

$cstGUIErrSessionCountInvalid = "Le nombre de session est invalide"


$cstGUIWindowTitle = "Ghost Launcher"

$cstGUISessionName = "Session"

$cstGUICreate = "Create"

$cstGUICreateDescription = "Description"

$cstGUICreateKeep = "Retention"

$cstGUICreateKeep1 = "1 week"

$cstGUICreateKeep2 = "2 weeks"

$cstGUICreateKeep3 = "3 weeks"

$cstGUICreateKeep4 = "4 weeks"

$cstGUIRestore = "Restore"

$cstGUIFree = "Free"

$cstGUIFreeDescription = "Free session for image create or restore"

$cstGUIParameters = "Parameters"

$cstGUISessionCount = "Count"

$cstGUISessionReboot = "Reboot PC"

$cstGUIGhostSvrRestart = "Restart Symantec GhostCast Server"

$cstGUIAppClose = "Close Ghost Launcher"

$cstGUIOK = "OK"

$cstGUICancel = "Cancel"

$cstGUIErrSessionNameUndefined = "Undefined session name"

$cstGUIErrSessionCountInvalid = "Invalid session count"



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