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Volume Mixer Management

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I am using this code to play beep [internal speakers] as well as play a sound based on certain events within the Script.

Whilst I have not published the variable for $BeepFlag, $SoundVolume $AlertSound and $SleepISD the routine works as required.

;//Beep Internal Speakers:

Func _BeepSpeaker()

;//Beeping Setting [1] On [0] Off

If $BeepFlag = 1 Then

;//Number of Beeps

For $i = $BeepNum To 1 Step -1

Beep(500, 250)


SoundPlay($AlertSound, 1)

;//Delay between individual beeps




EndFunc ;==>_BeepSpeaker

If you are running a sound card which includes the management softwer you have a volume mixer control shows sound management for Device - Speakers as well as Windows Sounds Skype Etc. My question is how do script muting [switch off or on or set the volume percentage] for the Windows Sounds Volume Control so that sounds for Windows events are not played.

Help is always appreciated.. Ant..

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