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GUICreate options in not the common order

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Alright I don't want to throw a wrinkle into too many people's scripts but it is my belief that GuiCreate has the wrong order of the options.


GUICreate ( "title" [, width [, height [, left [, top [, style [, exStyle [, parent]]]]]]] )

I think it should be

GUICreate ( "title" [, left [, top [, width [, height [, style [, exStyle [, parent]]]]]]] )

This is the current order of all the other GUI Functions. Just thought it should be the same.


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I brought this up once a long time ago. JP (correctly) pointed out to me that you use the width and height a billion times more than you use the x and y coordinates. In fact, every single GUI must have a width and a height, but I bet you that 95% of those written by people do not use the x and y coordinates. So although on paper (monitor, whatever), it looks inconsistent, when you actually use it, it feels natural and makes sense. If it doesn't make sense, then try this function out and see how many times you pass -1 for the x and y coordinates:

Func _GUICreate($sTitle, $x = -1, $y = -1, $w = -1, $h = -1, $nStyle = -1, $nEx = -1, $hParent = 0)
    GUICreate($sTitle, $w, $h, $x, $y, $nStyle, $nEx, $hParent)

Edit: Fixed mistake in code.

Edited by Valik
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I agree completely so then the idea is that on controls we use x, y more often so it is first?

Inconsistent but efficient.

Works for me.



We try to be consistent but effiency is first for AutoIt :lmao:
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It confused me at first too. But when I started making more scripts I found that it was perfect for what I needed although strange.

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