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AutoIt saved my life.

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Yeh goofy title, I know :lmao: But, I just can't believe how much time (and tedious clicking) autoit is saving me at work. We just had some issues with our network where we need to change our dns ip's for all 120 of the pc's I support and we DON'T have dhcp, doh! Which means I'd have to manually go to each damn machine and update these ip's.. talk about tedious. I whipped up 2 scripts, one for XP and one for 98 that updates the new dns's. Not only that I'm using it to automate installs for all of our progs and even for auto-configing new pc's that come in. Anyway, to warrent this thread being in here my question is, how do i put both scripts into one and have it run based on os detection?


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If @OSVersion = "WIN_98" Then
ElseIf @OSVersion = "WIN_XP" Then
   MsgBox(4096,"Error", "Unsupported system.... quitting")


Func do_Win98()
 ;put win98 script here

Func do_WinXP()
 ;put winXP script here

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