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In the German Helpfile, there is a discription of GUICtrlSetOnEvent and GUISetOnEvent

Botah are nearly absolute similar!!! but they are used in the same script on different places,.

so i think it can´t be the same.

Please help me to find out, what´s are de similares aand Differences beween them both.

What for is each of them, and how can I use them.

I´m (still) German, so there are surley mistakes in my text, and i Would have some Problems to understand you. Please try to discripe easy. For a fool like me;-)

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My understanding is this:

GUISetOnEvent is for things that happen to the GUI in general. Like the user pressing the minimize button or the exit button. Or dragging files onto the GUI.

GUICtrlSetOnEvent is for specific controls. Like after GUICtrlCreatebutton you set that specific button to a function with GUICtrlSetOnEvent.

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