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SoundSetWaveVolume ()

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:lmao: hey... im pretty sure this is a bug :whistle:

$vol= GUICtrlCreateSlider (10, 200, 100, 20)
GUICtrlSetLimit ($vol, 100, 0)    
$slideinfo= GUICtrlRead ($vol)
SoundSetWaveVolume ($slideinfo)
GUICtrlSetTip ($vol, $slideinfo)

this is my first time using SoundSetWaveVolume... :) but even if i set the slider to 100, the tip displays "0" (Zero) and then there is no sound! :) and lets say i have all those varibles and functions set into place with my real script... why doesnt this work? it's always at 0!!!

this is annoying.. :huh2: when i really need this for my "big" project, (well its big for me :P )

QUESTION 2: is there an API function or something that allows you to record your voice that i could use DllCall with? if there is, could you let me know because i cant find one in the MSDN Category section :P

if i could get help on both of these questions, that would be absoloutley awesome! :D

EDIT: hmmm, i wasnt able to reproduce it, so it may not be a bug...

SoundSetWaveVolume (100)
While 1
    Sleep (100)
    $percent= Random (0, 100, 1)
    SoundSetWaveVolume ($percent)

works fine... ill figure that out, but how about that DllCall to record o:) ?

EDIT: actually, im going to need help with my first question too...

EDIT: i found the answer... for some reason, the slider keeps showing "0" (zero) so using: SoundSetWaveVolume ($slideinfo) will set the volume to 0 (zore) :-/ now why does the slider always show "0" (zero) when using GUICtrlSetData ($vol, 50, 1) ?? this could be a problem :-/ and i even tried taking the "1" away from the CtrlSetData at the end, the option... still, smoke, but no cigar... i cant take: GUICtrlSetData ($vol, 50, 1) away either because i don't want the user to come and play his music and either have it blasting, or really low, but this seems to be giving me really low amounts anyways :-/ any suggestions? :)

EDIT: ok, it's all fixed now, everything, now i just need the function (API) to Record things from a microphone plugged into the computer, like the one that the Windows Sound Recorder works with.. which i dont know, so if anyone knows anything about this API call, please let me know!! thanks!

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