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Help with Outlook email

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Hello every one I have come to you once again for some direction.

Main Task: open email, enter a permanent from address, and 2 permanent BCC, the sent box will be pulled from a web page and the CC will be filled out manually. In the current .msg file the subject line has <CompanyName> and <USER> these will both need to be replaced with information from the web page. In the body of the email I also need to replace some text with info from the web page <username> and <password>.

Reason: I am doing this to minimize typos

I have been searching and it seems there are 2 ways I can complete my task.

1. I think I can use _INetmail to create the email and maybe input the variables in to my text and generate the email that way.

2. Maybe I can use my existing .msg file and just use _IECreate ("C:\welcome\test.msg") and then paste the data in the email.

If any one has done something like this please chime in or if you have a better way I am all ears...

thanks for any help in advance.

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