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ispressed and Win key

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Short description: the isPressed function in my script does not recognize my right Windows key but does recognize my left Windows key.

Long description:

I have an AutoIt script, which I use to define many hotkeys. I wanted to redefine all the Windows key hotkeys. So I used TweakUI to turnoff the default Win+X commands. I had to use a registry edit and a Group Policy to disable the default Win+L and Win+U actions. However Hotkey function still did not work with these two hotkeys. So I decided to define them with isPressed. These two hotkeys are to be captured by another program, therefore I have my script send a key combination I would never use. But the isPressed function only works with the left Windows key and not the right. I tried remapping my right Windows key to be the left Windows key, which fixed this problem but caused another much worse problem (caps lock effect of the Windows key).

Does anyone know of a solution to this problem, or have any insight into it?

I have attached my script.




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