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C++ and AutoIt

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hey guys

i'm taking C++ in 10th grade computer science

but I have been messin around with AutoIt for a year or so

how close is C++ to AutoIt?

and are there any C++ to AutoIt code?

how do I make a GUI?

because I hate C++ when it runs in the command prompt

i want it to look good

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i just started learning C++ to.

its one of my college courses this semester.

im still trying to figure out the similar functions.

in most the examples so far i have been using

cout << "this is a string" << endl;

we havent gotten to gui's, but looking ahead in the book, i dont see anything about them.

maybe thats in the intermediate classes.

wouldnt it be nice if c++ had a help file as nice as autoit. or maybe it does.

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You always begin with learning by making a console application in c++ ^^

Making a GUI when your new isn't as easy as in AutoIt.

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well I'm c++ programmer, and i'm learning AutoIt since end of June, what to say, now I'm in very big project the source code has already 3500++ lines, and it's embedding SAP, IE, and PuTTY, programs to itself and so on.. so it's very easy to start to learn, and as Tomb616 said it has _amazing_ help, the best I've ever seen..

In the helpfile you will find a lot of examples, for the GUI creation too (GUICreate), but i have to agree with Zisly's sentences


I think you should try Borland C++ Builder 3, it is perfect for learning, and the help is on similar level like AutoIt's..

I'm sure you can get it for free, there is educational version too, so I offer you that..

well it's not a chat, so i'll shut up.. :)

dworldI'm new in autoit, but I like it. My mind is open to the new things.

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