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Image resolution problems

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I am having trouble figuring out the relationship between image size and resolution in AutoIt windows.

Let us say that I have a 100x100 JPEG image with a 72ppi resolution. When I display it in a 400x400 AutoIt window, the image is approximately 1/3 of the window's width; that is, ~ 133 pixels by 133 pixels. When I increase the image's resolution to 300 ppi in Gimp, and display that image in the 400x400 AutoIt window, the image appears approximately 40 pixels by 40.

In both cases, when I display the image's width and height using _GDIPlus_ImageGetWidth and _GDIPlus_ImageGetHeight respectively, in the Console, the size is 100 x 100. So why is the image so large in the first case, and so small in the second case? How can I make it appear 100 x 100 in both cases?

Many thanks.


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