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Help with editing code for game

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Hey, so I found this script on the internet but it has some problems that I would like to fix and some parts I would like to change... anyways here's the code

$count = 0
HotKeySet("x", "MyExit")
Dim $Coord
Dim $NewColor
WinWaitActive("LastChaos (Window 800x600)")

While (1)
  While (1)
    $Coord = PixelSearch(252,196,768,487,0x5B9700,25,1)
      if @error <> 1 Then $NewColor = PixelGetColor($Coord[0]+3,$Coord[1])
        if Hex($NewColor, 6) = "5B9700" Then ExitLoop
      MouseClickDrag("right", 464, 332, 564, 332)

  MouseClick("left", $Coord[0]+12, $Coord[1]+45, 7, 3)
  Send("{F1}"); This is the skill to be used on the enemy.
  Send("{F3}"); This is the gather hotkey.
  $NewColor = "0";

Func MyExit()

Basically what I want it to do is start from the top left of the 800 by 600 window and work from left to right while going down searching for the color gray (I can get the exact color code later that's not too important right now) while constantly pressing the number "1." When it finds gray, I want it to move the cursor down about 100 pixels and right 20 pixels and right click. I also want it to be pressing "2" constantly with 1. Lastly I want it to be constantly hitting the right arrow.

If anyone can help me out that would be great... shoot me an IM at Crouching Lotus0 AIM or turtlewaxfoodofthegods@hotmail.com MSN and if I can talk with someone live that would help a lot too.

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Do a search for "community on patrol"s posts. It should be helpful for you.

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