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Send Files Over The Internet

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I want to create a script that sends a file from one computer to another over the internet very similar to the way torrents work but more private.

My idea is to run the script on the sending computer, select the file(s) to send, and it will create a second file to send to the receiving computer

Not sure how I'm going to have the user(s) initiate the transfers but thats not what I'm asking

I looked around the forum and saw that it is possible to create P2P programs in AutoIt so I do realize this has been discussed though I didn't seem to see any that were done so my questions are:

I also don't know much about TCP or P2P (I know how it works but not how it's coded or run only the idea to it)

I don't have the ability to have a sever on my computer so I need it to be similar to P2P where there is no need for an online server

I have no problem using external DLLs or files as long as they are free to distribute

1: Is P2P the best way to go with this?

2: If I need to use TCP where is a good place to read up on this?

Please also note that I don't know much as far as programming outside of AutoIt so it's a little tough for me to read documentation in other languages though I do have very limited knowledge of C++

- AcidCorps

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