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word wrap in listview headers

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I know its such a simple thing but I just cant work out how to make a header in listview wrap onto two lines if the column isnt wide enough to display it on one line. I know its got to be simple and somes going to say 'duh its......'

This has me tearing my hair out, its such a simple thing, but i just can't see how to do it (ado data access, port level coms, dll calls have all been no issue with the help file files and searching the forums here!)

Please someone put me out of my abject mysery!

(and yes i think AutoIT truely rocks and the furms are great....)

BTW I think I am still running v3.2.2.0 at the moment (couple of big projects on and I don't want to upgrade to the latest release until the projects are stable - rather know if the issue is in the code, or a change of environment rather than have both as options! - I gather the latest release has changed wuite bit regarding GUI so i have stayed well away for now....

Many thanks for peoples time (even if they jsut read this and cant help) in advance.

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