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How do I prevent multiple instances of the script.

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I would like to prevent multiple instances of the (compiled) script from running.

The first thing I tried was


If ProcessExists(@ScriptName) <> 0 Then Exit(0)


but that kills the current process too.

Maybe if I knew the current PID.


If ProcessExists(@ScriptName) <> @ScriptPID Then Exit(0)


But that will get the last created process, probably the current instance.

I either need to test each PID or change the current process name while I check.

any ideas?

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It looks like this only works for scripts with windows that show up.


If I told you that you have about 200 open windows presently on your desktop, you probably would not believe me. But they are there. A given process can have 20 or so hidden windows.

Autoit uses a hidden window for it's process. FAQ 14 refers to this hidden window.


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1 hour ago, rowish said:

It's been ages... 

Correct ... so please don't resurrect them as they are now wrong

1 hour ago, rowish said:

Question 14 is no longer listed.

Wrong: It is now FAQ 10 as you can clearly see. 


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