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Unterminated String and/or "Read" Error

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I am trying to write a script that will Send a string with a variable into a field of entry. The problem is that the string has quotes and parentheses in it and no matter what I try I either get a "Unterminated String" error, or an error that says "The instruction at "0x00411c63 referenced memory at "0xffffffff". The memory could not be "read".

What I need to Send is exactly this:

ExtFml("StockList.FilterSecurity","C:\Watchlists\SP500_Sells.txt") - where the SP500_Sells.txt is a variable ($fileVariableName) that is read in from a list of files in a folder.

There is a lot of simple code ahead of this line that gets me to this field of entry, but what I have been playing around with is this:

Send("ExtFml("StockList.FilterSecurity", "C:\Watchlists\ & $fileVariableName & '""')), as well as many, many variations

No matter what I have tried (and I have tried 100s of things including single quotes, double quotes, single quotes around double quotes, ASCII characters for the last quotation mark and closed parenthesis, etc... ) and I just cannot get the script to send this line of text. All of the code above works fine so the error is not coming from anywhere else, only when I try to execute this line with it.

Can anyone shed any light on a potential solution? There's probably something simple that I am missing. Many thanks in advance. I've been lurking here for little awhile and have learned a lot from the contributors, but this one escapes me.

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$var = "SP500_Sells.txt"
Send('ExtFml("StockList.FilterSecurity","C:\Watchlists\' & $var & '")')

EDIT: To learn why yours was failing look in the help file:

If you want to use double-quotes inside a string then you must "double them up". So for every one quote you want you should use two. For example if you wanted to set a variable to the string: A word in "this" sentence has quotes around it! You would do:

$var = "A word in ""this"" sentence has quotes around it!"

or use single quotes instead:

$var = 'A word in "this" sentence has quotes around it!'

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