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Access cmd-window from gui

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I wrote a little gui for dirms.exe (defrag commandline tool).

The gui takes some settings, build the matching commandline string and starts the tool minimized.

To interrupt the defragging it's necessary to press Strg+C at commandline. Kill the process is not quite good by defragging i think ;-)

So i started the commandline with RUN not with RUNWAIT to get control back to the gui. But then i'm not possible to reactivate the commanline window and send the keys if the user klick on abort.

Does someone have an idea to solve the problem?

The gui with files and sourcecode: http://www.wolfgang-fuehrer.de/filearea/pu...S_GUI_0.2.1.EXE

Screenshot: http://www.wolfgang-fuehrer.de/filearea/pu..._gui_screen.gif

(Working version - with RUNWAIT - without abort - lines remarked)

The defrag tool: http://www.dirms.com

Wolfgang F├╝hrer

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