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Confirm progess bar is gone in separate Program

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I'm converting MANY files from one format to another format.

launching with run, using send keys to set everything up ( alt+f for file.... )

When the program get to the export routine, a separate window appears showing the progress of the export....

I've since learned that - it isn't a window ( wingethandle("[ACTIVE]") = same as the main window )

Could it be a control? - a control that turns my mouse into a hour glass ( so I can't get information from AU3Info.exe )

{ yes I'm new to this stuff, I don't know what a progress window is ( I do know it is modal )

Problem, it I don't wait long enough, the routine locks up ( sending wrong key strokes to the windows )

I've used WinWaitActive, which is useless, because that window is active.

I've tried to use ControlGet..... But without more information about the text (I think that should be "Saving.." ) but I do not know what class it might be or what its handle is...

Please help...

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Here is my code:

Send("!f") ; alt File

Send("o") ; Open

WinWaitActive("Open a") ; waits for the Open a measurement dialog window to load

Send("!n") ; alt Name activates name field

Send($filesSelected[1] & $filesSelected[$i+1]) ;one file selected [1]="" & [2]=DrivePathFileName : two or more selected [1]=DrivePath & [2 ....]=FileName


WinWaitActive($MainGageWindow) ; waits for the file to load

Send("{ESC}") ; when an error occurs at open, esc will close the dialog box

Send("!f") ; alt File

Send("e") ; Export

WinWaitActive("Save in") ; waits for the Save in CSV dialog window to open

$SaveIn=WinGetHandle("[ACTIVE]") ; Saving does not return a different windo than the main window

MsgBox(4096,"","This was the handle from the 'Save In' window: " & $SaveIn); produces the same handle as the main window

Send("!a") ; alt All fields

Sleep(200) ; pause half a second ( 500 milliseconds)

Send("{ENTER}") ;next

Send("{ENTER}") ;next

Send("{ENTER}") ;save csv file

;$Saving=ControlGetHandle($MainGageWindow,"Saving") ; error I don't know its ID?

;WinGetHandle("[ACRIVE]") produces the same handle as the main window

;WinWaitNotActive($Saving) ; I want to pause script until the saving window is NOT active BUT is is not a real window?

WinActivate($MainGageWindow) ; waits for the main window to be active again - problem it is active...

Sleep(100) ; pause half a second ( 500 milliseconds)

;This is were it gets out of sync.

Send("!f") ; alt File

Send("c") ; Close

Sleep(100) ; pause

Send("n") ; no, do not save it

Sleep(200) ; pause

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