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Can I pass a literal string to DllCall...


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The DllCall documentation says that DllCall returns an array with copies of the input arguments, including those that were modified by the function.

But imagine, for example, a function that turns a string into uppercase.

int toUpperCase(char*)

Could I safely do the following in AutoIt?:

Dim $v_results = DllCall("my_dll.dll", "int","toUpperCase", "str", "this is an example")
Dim $my_string= $v_results[1]

and get "THIS IS AN EXAMPLE" in $my_string?

This would not be correct in C, as I would need to pass a non constant pointer to the function so that it can modify it (and thus I could get the results). But here, if DllCall just puts copies of the results in the result array it seems correct. Is that right?

Thanks in advance!


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