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auto reply message in yahoo

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I want to work on Project 1 issue automatic reply message in yahoo

Eg when I turn on nick chat on yahoo, if you assume that I'm busy with one jump to chat with me, the software will automatically reply 1 message that I've designed for the answer to that person

I now had the idea but the implementation of the encounter somewhat more difficult resigned:

My idea is to build 1 infinite loop to check all the windows are being activated, using function WinGetTitle ( "[Active]") to check if the window is active

then find the words end of the Title of the window, if the last word formatted like this "Instant Message" I will automatically send 1 message for that person (using send function to send)

but the most difficult things for me is how to get the last word of Title now, if in the C which is quite simple but in AutoIT not know how

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hi @xuanmai (người việt nam phải ko nè :) )

Tui đang viết 1 cái cũng tương tự với cái bạn muốn viết đấy . Nhưng với yahoo 9.0

Bạn ko nhất thiết phải dùng cái Title của Win mà nên dùng CLASS . dùng AutoIT Window Info mà xác định CLASS của Win vì Cữa sổ chat đó chỉ có 1 CLASS duy nhất là [CLASS:ATL:007BF380]

>_< :idiot:

Có gì thì liên hệ với mình : lenggiauit@yahoo.com

Func _checkYahooWin()
        Local $YahooWin, $YahooWin_exists ,$YahooWinList, $YahooWinTitle
        WinWaitNotActive ("[CLASS:ATL:007BF380]","")
        $YahooWinTitle = _GetYahooCleintTitle()
        $YahooWinList = WinList("[CLASS:ATL:007BF380]")
        For $i = 1 To $YahooWinList[0][0]
            If $YahooWinList[$i][0] <> ""   And $YahooWinList[$i][0] =$YahooWinTitle And _visible($YahooWinTitle) =1 Then
                Return $YahooWinList[$i][0]
                Return 0

Func _visible($hwnd)
    $visible =  WinGetState($hwnd)
    If BitAND($visible, 1) Then; 8 nếu muốn  active
        Return 1
        Return 0
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