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Mouse path randomizer

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As my first program, I made a function that will move the mouse from point A to point B in a random path (might be less detectible.) I break up the line into a series of segments, and at each step I add a factor of randomness.

x and y are the final coordinates.

randx and randy are added to each step to produce randomness.

steps is the number of steps to take.

min and max wait define how long it should take to take each step

I tested this in Paint (that is why I am using MouseClick instead of MouseMove) and this function produces a nice randomized path.

Func MouseMoveRandom($x, $y, $randx, $randy, $steps, $minwait, $maxwait)
    Local $curx, $cury, $dx, $dy
    Local $nsteps = $steps
    For $count = 0 to ($nsteps-1)
        $curx = MouseGetPos(0)
        $cury = MouseGetPos(1)
        $dx = ($x - $curx)/$steps
        $dy = ($y - $cury)/$steps
        MouseClick("left",$curx + $dx + Random(-1*$randx,$randx), $cury + $dy+ Random(-1*$randy,$randy), 1, Random($minwait, $maxwait))
        $steps -= 1
    MouseClick("left",$x, $y, 1, Random($minwait, $maxwait))

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Works good. I like it.

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