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1) i have this function:

Func funct()
    If $RMaxConn = "UL" Then
        GUICtrlSetState($UnLimitConn, $GUI_CHECKED)
        GUICtrlSetState($MaxConn, $GUI_DISABLE)
        GUICtrlSetState($InputMaxConn, $GUI_DISABLE)

and i have gui window. the main part is:

$InputMaxConn = GUICtrlCreateInput("", 140, 50, 36, 20)
$MaxConn = GUICtrlCreateUpdown($InputMaxConn, $UDS_ARROWKEYS)
$UnLimitConn = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox("Unlimited", 190, 50)

as u can see i added the func() after the 3 controls, and it suppose to check the box and disable the other 2 controls, but it's only check the box without disable the other controls.

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i read him from ini file in a function:

Func readFile()

Global $RMaxConn = IniRead("file.ini", "sec1", "maxconn", "")


and i use the function 1 line after i create the gui window, but the problem is that only the disable not working, the check does.

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Disabling Updown control does not work.

Disabling an input control, disables both input and updown controls.

So GUICtrlSetState($MaxConn, $GUI_DISABLE) can be removed.

Cannot see any other problems with supplied information.

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i found the problem, it was because i used a function to show+enable\hide+disable some control groups.

anyway thanks for the tip before.

and maybe u know how to make the ENTER function (move line down) occur in edit control when ENTER is pressed?

Edited by tamir
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