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Message box adverts in IE

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Hey you guys, i was just wondering one thing..

You know when youre looking at webpages in ie, then a message box comes up, maybe when you try and exit the page, it asks you to reconsider,

or a message box comes up telling you to bookmark their page. You know really frustrating, well, if my program is surfing random webpages and

it visits one of these sites..other than some sort of "Send(ESC)" or whatnot, is there anyway to get rid of the message boxes?

Maybe by getting its ID name, or something, im not familiar with it. Is it possible, as every message box is likely to have a different title.

Many Thanks!

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1) Send enter

2) get the page's code and simply remove "alert" parts


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From the helpfile:


For example, you could use adlib in a script which causes an error window to pop up unpredictably.

So if you combine this with WinWait or something you can close it as soon as it pops up.

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