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Just saw Chenxu Popup Anywhere program which reminded me that

I had written a popup anywhere menu system a couple of months ago.

Just forget to share it with you all.

The way mine works is simple, you have an "ini" file of what's on the

menu. (see syspopup.ini) and just a right click of the mouse anywhere brings up the

menu system.

Now for example Windows desktop has a right click menu and if you want that one all

you have to do is keep holding down the right mouse button after my sys menu pops up

drag mouse away from it and release the button and the desktop menu will popup, that it

very easy.

Try it out it's very simple and not alot of code.


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Hey this is really great! But wouldnt it be more efficient to reverse the popup order (although i dont seem to see how to shuffle the code to accomplish that).

I imagine that there is more need for systemmenu's than for the app popup menu.

Better idea then using a hotkey anywayz and nice and short coded :)

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I'm happy to admit I'm a newbie when it comes to handling menus.. following this simple code is hard enough but I'm trying to get my head around it.. with little success so far.

Is there anyone who knows more about this who is willing to break it down a bit so I can see how the menu is created, and how executables are called?

How would I go about modifying this to run a set of functions instead of .exe lines. I'm also trying to figure out how to create submenus to group these functions.

Cut a long story short, I've a lot of functions for controlling a program running from a third party popup menu utility, and I'd like to bring them all into one script. which i can customize myself, the main stumbling block is learning how to code the popup menu and hotkey.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

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