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AutoIt v3.2.13.8 (Beta) Released

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http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/files/beta/autoit (4th October, 2008) (Beta)


- Added #454: $FO_UTF8 allowing FileOpen() in Read mode for reading UTF8 files without BOM.

- Added: $FO_UTF16_LE, $FO_UTF16_BE allowing FileOpen() in Read mode for reading UTF16 files without BOM.

- Fixed #501: ProcessGetStats() failed for processes running as other users (including SYSTEM).

- Fixed #92: DllStruct data truncated with char[]/wchar[].

- Fixed #562: Specifying the TITLE property caused all other properties to be lost (Window title matching).

- Fixed: GuiCtrlSetState($graphic, $GUI_HIDE) does not hide.

- Fixed: GuiCtrlSetResizing($graphic, ) not moving.

- Fixed: GuiCreate(...,Style without caption) does not resize properly.

- Fixed: GuiSetStyle(caption change) does not resize properly.

- Fixed: GuiCtrlSetState($listviewitem) does not return error.

- Fixed #569 TCPRecv doc example.

- Fixed #589: Some comparison operators did not return a boolean value.

- Fixed #583: Bad formatting of @MSEC in documentation.

- Fixed #574: Using 0 for the SendKeyDelay or SendKeyDownDelay removes the respective delay when using Send().

- Fixed #542: Crash with regular expressions.

- Fixed #531: Clarification of some of the remarks for GUICtrlSetGraphic().

- Fixed #539: StringSplit() with flag 2 and no matching delimiters wasn't returning the full string.

- Changed: PCRE regular expression engine updated to 7.8.


- Fixed #495: _GUICtrlTreeView_GetTree returns only 1 parent

- Added: _WinAPI_CreatePen, _WinAPI_DrawLine, _WinAPI_LineTo, _WinAPI_MoveTo, _WinAPI_GetBkMode, _WinAPI_SetBkMode (Zedna)

- Fixed #503: _Date_Time_FileTimeToLocalFileTime example (cbruce)

- Added: _ArrayCombinations, _ArrayPermute, _ArrayUnique (litlmike)

- Fixed #510: _GUICtrlListView_ClickItem: If columns inside listview exceed visible area, clicks outside of the control

- Added: _GDIPlus_ImageGetFlags, _GDIPlus_ImageGetHorizontalResolution, _GDIPlus_ImageGetPixelFormat, _GDIPlus_ImageGetRawFormat

_GDIPlus_ImageGetType, _GDIPlus_ImageGetVerticalResolution (rover)

- Added: _PathGetRelative (wraithdu)

- Fixed #500: _ChooseColor run on 64bit

- Fixed #517: WinAPI UDF - bad error checking after DllCall()

- Added: _WinAPI_CombineRgn, _WinAPI_CreateRectRgn, _WinAPI_CreateRoundRectRgn, _WinAPI_SetWindowRgn (Zedna)

- Fixed #533: Array functions dimension check

- Fixed: various Timer Functions

- Fixed #506: _FileCountLines deal with all common line-end-chars

- Fixed #485: WinAPI missing related links in helpfile

- Fixed #571: return value doc for _GUICtrlListBox_FindString, _GUICtrlListBox_GetAnchorIndex and _GUICtrlListBox_GetText

- Fixed #586: _GuiCtrlListView_SetGroupInfo() destroyed group ID's.

- Fixed #516: _ChooseFont run on 64bit

- Fixed #595: _WinAPI_SetWindowsHookEx help file description of $WH_KEYBOARD_LL

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