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NamedPibes (calling)

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Hey, i have a little problem with calling named pipes.

I have injected a DLL into a host exe and want to call the pipe that this DLL uses.

What i know:

The pipe is \\\\.\\pipe\\WoWMachinimaTool

The function the pipe uses is "CreateObject Entry Display X Y Z"

so i did this

$hNamedPipe = _NamedPipes_CreateNamedPipe("\\.\\pipe\\WoWMachinimaTool")
ConsoleWrite($hNamedPipe & @crlf);Check if its ok
$hNamedPipe2 = _NamedPipes_TransactNamedPipe($hNamedPipe, "CreateObject 99 99 9179 -6396 6.4", 4096, $pOutBuf, 4096) ;CreateObject Entry Display X Y Z
ConsoleWrite($hNamedPipe2 & " and " & $pOutBuf & @crlf);returns the data returned

If the pipecall was a success it would return position data etc, but it always returns 0, like it was a non existing pipe or so.

What did i do wrong?

Is there any additional steps for a pipetransact?

Edited by malu05

[center][u]WoW Machinima Tool[/u] (Tool for Machinima Artists) [/center]

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