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Find Automatically New Offsets (MEM READ)

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Okay so in Warhammer Online i get the HP/HPMAX/AP Levels.

Each time i restart the game they are brand new though.

So how is it i make an algorythm that finds them out.

As well do you know a way in C# or C++ to send fake keystrokes to a game not useing Win API's that aren't nullified by Preventions.


0D5DF534 - CURHP

0D5DF538 - MAXHP

0D5DF544 - CURAP


0DB7F534 - CURHP (2)

0DB7F538 - MAXHP (2)

0DB7F544 - CURAP (2)


0D70F534 - CURHP (3)

0D70F538 - MAXHP (3)

0D70F544 - CURAP(3)


;Someone different got these(Not sure if they did it right)

07E8F1C4 ;Health

07E8F1C8 ;Health Max

07E8F1D4 ;AP Address

So i ask how do i make an Alogrythm for Auto it or C++/C# to find out what the new offsets are each time?

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