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excel + autoit

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I currently have a Excel sheet with almost 5000 rows. Now I want to add a column to the sheet. And adding 5000 different items to the sheet would be a crazy job. Because what I need to do is quite simple and can be done with autoit. atleast i am sure of it.

I will try to explain my situation. I need to make a import file from excel. And now I have currently some data in in. now I need to add a url to each value.


[b]now I got this:[/b]
ID  Description Type    Cost
1234    test1       test    1,00
1235    test2       test    14,00
1236    test3       plastic 3,45
1237    test4       test    2,00

[b]And I need to get it to this[/b]
ID  Description Type    Cost    Image
1234    test1       test    1,00    C:\Images\1234.jpg
1235    test2       test    14,00   C:\Images\1235.jpg  
1236    test3       plastic 3,45    C:\Images\1236.jpg
1237    test4       test    2,00    C:\Images\1237.jpg

If you noticed from my example the image file name is the same as the ID value. So what I need to do is get the ID value. To do the following. C:\Images\$value.jpg and do that for 5000 times :(


Wich udf / command I need to look up and possible use.

I expect that the command would use something with arrays. Will the array hold up till 5000?

Am I not seeing some things please tell me :P



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You can do this in excel itself quite easily. If it MUST be done outside of excel with just a plain text file, then you go the file read / string stuff route... and arrays will definitely hold 5000+ elements as long as you have the RAM needed to hold 5000 * datasize.


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i mistyped my example sorry, but what i am tryin to say is that the "$value" need to changed every time to the ID number..

(did edit my example off my first post)

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