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Hep with random hard crash...

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I have a program I have been writing for a few years now that is used widley on the internet. It is written in autoit. Latley in my latest beta versions of the program I have been noticing that it Hard Crashes the exe randomly in different areas? I don't think I have change that much of the structure of code since my last stable version. I was wondering if anything within the past year may have changed in autoit which could possibly have made my code instable? I notice it mainly tends to happen during processes in certain While loops where I am copying/moving or deleting files. But it also tends to happen in areas where I am processing a list of files. Like maybe just checking if the fileexists or something simple. At first I was thinking I needed to add a Sleep command into these loops but then the job takes much longer and still seems to be unstable. :P Other users tend to get the same problem and it is very intermitten. :(

If any of the guru's here would help me I would greatly appreciate it! :idea: I can send the source code in PM... but I would rather not post the source for the public.

The latest beta can be downloaded here:


Thanks for any help you can give!

Proph (A.K.A. Siginet)

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