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AutoIt Pre-Processors (list)

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Speed and file size is one concern I have for my scripts. UPX compressing the files just isn't enough for me..

Here's a short list of programs that can be used to shrink the file size and possibly speed up your code.

Obfuscator - by Jos (included with Scite4AutoIt)

Many people have requested an Obfuscator function since Smoke_N stopped support on his version.

I took the Tidy program which has all Lexing logic built-in and created a separate program called Obfuscator (Nicknamed Oby).

Obfuscator will make it a lot harder to read your source code but doesn't make it safe or unhackable!

The plan is to include Obfuscator in the Standard SciTE4AutoIt3 package and make it an option in AutoiT3Wrapper so you only have to set a Compiler directive to automatically run it.

Note: Obfuscating will make the script larger and slower.. use the "/striponly" option which will remove unused variables/functions.


Organize Includes - by Xenobiologist

This script scans all the funcs in Autoits include files and you can easily add pathes to your udfs.

Starting the script by hitting CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+I in Scite, it shows you what include files you need and which you do not need.

Works with: and higher.

Project Manager - by kjactive

Project Manager by Kåre Johansson 'kjactive' - a scripting preprocess and compile application for autoit3 language


The application started years ago when I discovered some trouble with the autoit3 compiled concepts - to buildin all

includes totally, not selective to only used functions / constants and that is just what this tool do - read in depth

what is used and not, no limits how deep it goes 'reused functions from other .udf in these includes' and buildin all

into a new script with only needed things included. Another thing is that some peoble has concerns about scripts can be

read after the 'execute wrap' well this tool makes script almost non readable - check it out for your self, no changes

made to the original script what so ever...

Note: The author hasn't updated the first post so it's easier to start from the last post and work your way up.

Here's for historical reasons (will probably need to be updated)

CleanScript - by peethebee & Markus


To all who love tiny small scripts and exe files:

In cooperation with Markus I wrote my first real C++ script. It parses AutoIt scripts independently from the compiler so it is a kind of precompiler.

At the beginning it includes the #included files into the script.

Afterwards it can delete comments (all styles) and - which is a very powerful function - unused (uncalled) functions.

The last one is the really new thing - besides of the removement of the comments using C++ is incredibly much faster than with (AutoIt)Tidy.exe.

It is useful because you never use all functions of your include file, but just some few.

It goes through the source three-times to uncover dependencies between functions.

Now CleanScript erases all others from the script and therefore from the resulting exe which means both are smaller by a remarkable amount of lines/bytes.

At the end all empty lines are removed.

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