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Guest cxxl-t

InputBox and ControlSend

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Guest cxxl-t

$initial = InputBox ( "Konfiguration", "Bitte geben Sie nun Ihr Passwort ein:", "", "*")

;msgbox (0,"DebugPrint", $initial)
WinActive ( "Unbenannt" )
ControlSend("Unbenannt","","Edit1", $initial & @CR,1)

When I type the Chars: 'ABC@abc%' AutoIT will send following to notepad: 'abcqabc5'. o:)

The MsgBox shows the right Chars.

Is this a Bug? :lmao: Is there a Workaround?

Thx 4 your help.


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I tried this and sends correctly.

$initial = 'ABC@abc%'
WinwaitActive ( "Untitled - Notepad" )
ControlSend( "Untitled - Notepad", "", "Edit1", $initial & @CR, 1)



Try this exact same test, you may need to change the title to suit your language.

I am using Autoit v3.1.09.

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Here is not problem with title. If I'm try to send this string with english layout set as default (actually I always have set this in english, but many people don't...) that no any problem with func, and I have "ABC@abc%" in notepad.

But if I'm set my default layout in the non-english, that result of ControlSend function is absolutely unpredictable! For example, couple minutes ago when I test your code I got result "ABC~~E~ %"! Today at job result was different.

So I suspect cxxl-t have the same problem.

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