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COM error

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Hi All,

I use nice script to read user properties from Active Directory. There is an input box to put necessary login and password to read AD.

By putting wrong password autoit script returns an error:

Local $objRecordSet = $objCommand.Execute

Local $objRecordSet = $objCommand.Execute^ ERROR

But compiled program returns msgbox with an error:

AutoIt Error

Line -1:

Error: The requested action with this object has failed.

I don't like this msgbox, better way for me is to redirect this error to log file.

Unfortunately in the latest version of AuotiT function Opt("RunErrorsFatal", 0) is removed.

I also don't want to run the program with command line parameter /ErrorStdOut.

How to avoid msgbox with error message in case on wrong login or password?

Thanks for any help.

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Use COM error handling.

Manual: Obj/COM Reference -> errors

The forum should also have some nice COM error handling examples.

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