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MyMovies - Add Discs Script (Copy Episodes 4.0) / MCE Info

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MyMovies is a a free MCE add-on for managing your movie collection.

The app can be found at www.MyMovies.dk

I personally tried MCE straight and all the free/paid solutions and found this to be the best IMO.

I have over 800 tv episodes to defintely saved me some clicking.


Now onto the script...

All my stuff are actual files on my MCE server.

I don't bother with DVD's any more, they're all in a box in the attic.

The way I l like to setup my tv series is as follows:

(in this example I'll use Stargate SG-1)

1) Add Title "Stargate SG-1 Complete Series"

2) Add Title for "Stargate SG-1 - Season 1" then for season 2 and so forth.

3) Add all seasons as a "Box Set" in the "Complete Series" title.

4) For each season I add a "Disc entry" for each episode.

This script is to quickly add and configure these "Disc Entries"


Step I

Setting Up/Configuring Mouse Coordinates:

1) To use it extract the zip to a folder on your machine and compile the two scripts.

2) Open MyMovies Collection Management, bring up the title your working with and click "Discs"

3) Execute "Configure Mouse Coords (Copy Episodes 4.0).exe"

4) You will asked to click on four items in the "Assign Disc" window


Step II

Creating Input File (txt):

1) Okay this script can simply add a disc a title OR add a disc title and specify the file it is linked too.

2) ~ is the delimeter between title and file name. To add a title only omit the ~

Here is a sample of an input file:

Season 1
Episode 01 & 02 - Shadow of the Hawke (1 & 2)~D:\My Videos\Airwolf-Season 1\E01 - 02 Airwolf .avi
Episode 03 - Daddy's Gone a Hunt'n~D:\My Videos\Airwolf - Season 1\E03- Daddy's Gone A Hunt'n.avi
Episode 04 - Test (No File)

Season 2
Episode 01 - Shadow of the Hawke (1 & 2)~D:\My Videos\SG-1 Season 2\Episode 01.avi
Episode 02 - Daddy's Gone a Hunt'n~D:\My Videos\SG-1 Season 2\Episode 02.avi
Episode 03 - The case of the missing file

The script will automatically skip the first line as it starts with the word "Season".

It will also attempt to count up the episodes in the first season by looking for an empty

line between seasons, or looking for an EOF.

3) You will then be asked if you this is the correct number, you can say no and manually

enter a number of episodes.

4) To get this file together I get the episodes from www.epguides.com and process them with excel.

I like epguides because they have the all episodes for all seasons in a single table so it's easy to

work with in excel.

I can prep an entire series in 2 to 3 minutes usually, quicker if I wasn't so picky about

how I wanted it formatted :P

Step II(a)

Getting file names and paths:

An easy way to get the info is bring up a command prompt and switch to your "Stargate"

directory in this case, Assuming all seasons are under it.

Run this command: dir *.avi /B /O /S>C:\Stargate.txt

This will dump the files in that directory and all subdirectories to a single text file you

can paste into excel. In my case their all AVI but you may need to change that.


Step III

Actually adding episodes:

1) Make sure you have setup your mouse coordinates.

2) Bring up the "Assign Discs" window for the title.

3) Run "Copy Episodes 4.0.exe", you will be prompted to brosse to your input file.

4) You will be prompted to confirm the number of episodes or manually enter a number to process.

5) Sit back while it processes.

If you need to abort the operation for whatever reason hit F3


It's much simpler than it looks at first glance I just wanted to make sure you had

adequate documentation.

Hopefully someone gets some use out of this if they happen to use MyMovies or start using it.

If you do or use my organization scheme, NEVER use the "Update All Content" option in MyMovies.

It will replace your discs with the "Physical discs" in the online database.

I found out the hard way last week. which is when I updated this script with alot more features

to add all 800 back again lol.

Have fun! :(



Edited by ken82m

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