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Project again (No real coding)


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Hi, its me again o:)

Last time i had a "official" project i got help, even tough it was some "hard" coding involved.

Now i got a new project, and its mainly GUI code that needs to be done, all other codes, i can do myself.

A brief explanation:

I have conviced my boss to buy me a plasma screen for my room.

I will use it as a IT infoboard, so i can see every morning what happend, and also updates during the day.

This is what i had in mind should be on the board.

- Monitor servers, printers and switches (ping)

- Check how many patches that had been deployed

- Ticket status (i use a global ticket system for users problem)

- Check if backup was ok

- Last login, to see if the users login correctly

- Weekly schedule

- Reminder

I will add a "dummie" how it could look, but if you wanna practive your GUI skills, and come up with any other layout, its ok. It should work in 1024 by 768 pixels.

I'm not lazy, just very busy....


I will upload picture when i get home.

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Were ever i lay my script is my home...

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