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Run a specific network connection?

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Hello, I've been searching all over and trying everything, but no luck : (

I need to "run" a network connection (let's say it's called: myinternet), but have no idea how to accomplish it ???

I tried executing a shortcut - doesn't work

I tried using shell execute on shortcut (in my startup dir) like so: ShellExecute ( @StartupDir&"\myinternet" ) = doesn't work, but it works for everything else (exe files, notepad text files etc)

I figured hot to open network connections:

#include <Process.au3>

_RunDOS("ncpa.cpl"&"Mobile Connect")

But how can I run my specific connection?

Please guys help me, I'm still learning :P

If it can be done, can it also be run with the @SW_HIDE parameter? That would be great.

Reason I need this is for my unattended computer to check if internet connection is open like every few minutes, if its not then it needs to run "myinternet" connection and... well, connect :(

Thank you in advance ! Ask me if you need clarification !

carpe diem

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