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Javascript link to a function

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Here is the code:

<div class="mod_action" id="app21147267565_mod_action-5" fbcontext="2a23c6afc836"><div class="mod_item"><a onclick="fbjs_sandbox.instances.a21147267565.bootstrap();return fbjs_dom.eventHandler.call([fbjs_dom.get_instance(this,21147267565),function(a21147267565_event) {a21147267565_do_job('5','bd0edc56bb6e53d35c927081624b266e0554d334');},21147267565],new fbjs_event(event));return true">Do the job</a></div></div>

function a21147267565_do_job(a21147267565_id,a21147267565_sig) {
    return true;

I first used _IEAction: I can make focus on the link, but not click.

I tried all solutions I found in the forum, but no luck, Any idea?

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