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Moving items from listbox?

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Hello every1!! :)

OK, this is what I have: (I'm using CyberSlug's Listbox Wrappers)

If _GuiLB_GetCurSel($beeps) <> -1 Then
    If Not _GuiLB_GetCurSel($beeps) < 0 Then _GuiLB_SwapString($beeps, _GuiLB_GetCurSel($beeps), _GuiLB_GetCurSel($beeps) - 1)

It doesn't work!! and when I try this: (the same but without the If's...)

_GuiLB_SwapString($beeps, _GuiLB_GetCurSel($beeps), _GuiLB_GetCurSel($beeps) - 1)

and if it goes off the limits, it displays some weird number with a weird "Y" with some dashes in the middle!! :lmao:

How do I do this?? Thanx!! o:)


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