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While I use this program pretty regularly while programming in AutoIt, I have been slightly apprehensive about providing it to others. The reason being, is that it has not yet been extensively tested. Then I thought ... well, I know one way to get it extensively tested ... and I'm not likely to have the chance to do it myself any time soon. ANYWAY YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! :idea:

Make It Pretty is a program I use from within SciTE (mostly), accessed through either a menu option, or through a button on my Toolbar For Any program.

Make It Pretty has one of three jobs it can be selected to perform -

1) Make Code Pretty - this is for formatting code properly (indents, etc). I use it mostly for when I move a chunk of code elsewhere in a script - where indents are different (especially big hunks of code &/or major indent (tab) differences. In fact, in most of those cases, the code being moved is becoming a function, so if I make the first line a function title (i.e. MyFunction() ... with or without parameters), then Make Code Pretty will recognise it as a possible function, and prompt me to let it add the last line. While I have used this feature quite a lot, I cannot promise you that I have thought of every scenario, and obviously it is probably biased to the way I do my coding and may not be suitable for yours. I don't know that I would recommend parsing a whole script through it, but you are welcome to give it a go, and I would certainly appreciate any feedback.

2) Fix The Text - this is just for working on plain text, and does a couple of things (like sorting, case, etc) that Notepad, SciTE doesn't.

3) Convert for FileWriteLine - this is for helping with creating script file content created by your program. In other words, if you have created a program that needs to create a script file (.au3), then this option can hopefully create the correct FileWriteLine entries from a chunk of code you give it - saves on the painful task of working out where all the inverted commas and such go. However, I must warn, that this is the least used part of my program, and thus the least tested.

The program has several other features, like exporting the results to clipboard or a textfile, etc.

I have considered making a backup feature, but as yet have not decided on the best method to do that, so please be cautious when using this program. It should not remove (lose) any text, but the Convert for FileWriteLine (especially) may give errors. It may be wise to scrutinise the results afterwards (like I do), or even keep a backup somewhere, just in case.

Any feedback or ideas are welcome. :(

Download the program from Here


Main Dialog

Posted Image

Options Dialog

Posted Image

Enjoy! :P

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