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Extracting contents from a Microsoft Word Table

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I have a document in Word that contains a table (basically, a form, but I can't rely on form fields being used, since the user may just be creating a document to be printed and used for handwritten responses). In the Word doc, I'd like to select this table, select the cells one at a time, and paste into another application.

It looks like I can do most of this by just doing a TAB, select text, copy, paste into the other app, then TAB to the next cell, etc.

Since I can't see how to get the row & column information for the current cursor location, I see two problems:

1) How can I tell I've ended one line and started a new row in the Word table?

2) How can I stop at the end of the table (once you get to the end of the Word table, TAB just creates a new blank row).

I could see testing to see if I've read a couple of blank rows as an "end of table" detection, but there's no guarantees there might not be some blank rows in the middle somewhere.

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