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Not closing/terminating objects; can it slow my PC down?


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Hello All,

My first post, so I hope I'm not being ignorant.

I've noticed as of late that the "rundll32.exe" process is chewing up more and more of my processor usage, and it's only since I've been using ObjCreate() in my development more often.

If I restart my PC everything returns to normal so it's not a big problem, but I may want to start running my scripts on a server (which I cannot restart as often).

Often during development I may exit a running script via right clicking the icon in the taskbar and clicking "Exit". So I'm thinking that when I do this, the Object that my AutoIt script has created is not being terminated.

I think that all the objects I usually create open with their own process, which I can subsequently kill via the task manager or simply by closing the application (if one was spawned/visible).

As you may have gathered; I don't know a great deal about the "rundll32.exe" process, so my question is:

Is the "rundll32.exe" process it related to the ObjCreate() function in any way, or could this be more object specific (i.e. the objects I am creating interact with the "rundll32.exe" process and are not terminating properly).

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I haven't a clue... but I can bump this to the front page for you.

I don't mind. It's not impacting me greatly, it obviously isn't a common problem, and it may not even be directly related to AutoIt.

Though, if you think it may add some value to get a few people looking into it then go ahead, but I'm happy to let this one fade away.

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