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Flash movies will not load when on Hard Drive

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So I have a flash player in AutoIt:

$Object = ObjCreate("ShockwaveFlash.ShockwaveFlash.1")
$GameObject = GUICtrlCreateObj($oGame, 10, 10, 650, 450)
With $Object
    .bgcolor = "#000000"
    .Movie = "./detenator2.swf"

However, whenever the flash file is on my hard drive, and I try to load it directly from there, it will not load. But If I load it from a website, it will.

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Richard Robertson

You can blame that on Adobe. Go to their website to configure your local flash player to allow local object scripting or something like that. By default, only flash files on the internet work correctly. I'm also still wondering why they decided the flash configuration has to be done online instead of at the local computer.

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