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Server Move - Important

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I've decided to move the hosting of the server after feeling the need to have complete control over the server and software I want to install. I currently have to jump through a lot of hoops to get new versions installed.

I intend (time permitting) to do it this weekend. Hopefully I can get the main website and forums online in that time. However as the DNS and IP addresses will change you may lose the forum for a day or two if you keep getting the "old" site.

The new server is in the UK so the ping-time may be slightly worse for those in the US (probably faster in Europe) but the server has a much better net connection and spec so it should perform better for all. (I never got more than 70 KB/s download speed from the current one).

Current Status

Main website: Moved and working.

Forums: Moved and working.

Forum search: Working

Blogs: Almost working

Wiki: Moved and working.

Trac/Bugs: Moved and working.

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