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detecting Corsor state/icon

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MouseGetCursor ( )
Returns a cursor ID Number:
    0 = UNKNOWN (this includes pointing and grabbing hand icons)
    2 = ARROW
    3 = CROSS
    4 = HELP
    5 = IBEAM
    6 = ICON
    7 = NO
    8 = SIZE
    9 = SIZEALL
  11 = SIZENS
  13 = SIZEWE
  14 = UPARROW
  15 = WAIT

this var all is known :P and here my problem starts: 0 = UNKNOWN

i want to read what kind of cursoricon(ci) is on screen(mouse)

i cannot use pixelgetcolor(Mouse(x+3),Mouse(y+3)) to get mouse colors.

how can i get colors / icon checksum or any way to uniqe identify a custom cursor in a program ?

can i read out current cursor ?

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