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function as parameter

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It seems that a function cannot be parameter of another function

(actually I didn't find anything about it in the help file or Forum)

Could be useful to (e.g.): browse a directory and apply a function to each file in it, or pass comparison function to a sort etc...

a sort of CallBack mecanism :lmao:

something to use like:


As it doesn't work directly (ERROR PARSING...), I tried different things using say:

$func="somefunctionname"; also tried $somefunctionname
Func BrowseAndApply(.....$func)
Eval("$func(...properparameters...)") without any success.

anybody has idea??

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You can use Call.... however, you need to use global variables because Call does not take parameters....

THX for quick answer.

actually i'am a bit reluctant to use Global variables to do that

- it's a bit more complicated, (just need not to be too sleepy :) )

- I'd bad experiences with "side-effect" :) (we all had isn't it?? o:) )

But if it's the only way, i'll do my best :lmao: & try to manage :whistle: !!!

your second point: i'am aware of that, in my post it was just "real pseudo real code" :) , and it was late!!

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