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Winamp API remote PC

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Is it possible to send Winamp API commands to a Winamp process running on a remote PC and if so how?

I have a PC upstairs running Winamp with a list of songs queued up playing in random order and what I want to be able to do is find out the artist and track name using my laptop downstairs without having to go up to the PC or remote control it. I was trying to figure out how toconnect to the upstairs PC Winamp hwnd and then use User32.dll to send a message to request Artist - Trackname and display in a message box.

I've had a look at the AutoIT Winamp Library but this uses the Windows Handle of the process on the local pc. I've also searched to on user32.dll but the "SendMessage" parameters don't let you specify a remote PC, only a local Windows Handle.

I had also considered writing something which does query the local PC and write the info to a text file which I could then execute from the remote PC using PSEXEC. But ideally I'd like to send the message direct to the remote PC and capture the response.



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