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PureBasic wrapper lib

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Hello everyone... Long time fan of AutoIT here, and a new board member. I just wanted to talk about what I have done with the latest AutoITX beta for PureBasic users. Essentially, I have created a wrapper library that allows the user to call AutoIT commands directly from PureBasic as if it were a normal command. It makes it extremely easy to use.

Download link:


Here is a small example of how to use it now in the PureBasic IDE:

If AU3_WinWaitActive_("Untitled - Notepad","",10) <> #False
  AU3_WinActivate_("Untitled - Notepad","")
  AU3_Send_("Testing one two three... {enter}{enter}",0)

Anyway, I am excited about how far AutoIT has come and it looks like you guys have a good handle on the development.

Has a release date been set for the final version of AutoITX?



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