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is there a 'pixel count' sort of function?

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Here is what I want to do...and I was hoping for suggestions or at least some places to start on how I might get there.

Lets say I have a small area about 50 x 50 pixels that I want the script to 'watch'. It is constantly moving, and changing colors but, I was hoping I could make a way for it to count the aprox number of pixels that fit under general 'red' 'blue' 'green' 'white' catogory. I need to be able to tell when a large (x10 or x15 normal amount) of white(and various subshades) of pixels flood the 50 x 50 pixel screen segment.

I can't think of any way to start this...any help or direction would be great. The pixelsearch macro doesn't quite cut it...and the getpixelcolor doesn't really work without some serious loopage + farout highmathetics.

actually...maybe the getpixelcolor WOULD be the place to start.

Could loop it to search through that 50 x50 segment...say point xy with 50 pixels in all directions. and save data as it goes...the only real question/problem with that would be that I don't have a good accurate view of how to quanify the different shades of white as compared to blue/red etc etc..

Thanks in advance for ANY advice or recomendations.... =)

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You just use a couple For loops to scan an area for pixels.

I think I actually made one:

Func _GetAllPixels($StartX, $StartY, $EndX, $EndY, $Color)
   Local $aCoord, $Length, $Width, $Area,_
         $i, $x, $y, $CurrentElement = 1
  ; Get area of rectangle to initiate array
   $Length = Abs($StartX - $EndX)
   $Width = Abs($StartY - $EndY)
   $Area = $Length * $Width
   Dim $aReturn[$Area + 1][2]

  ; Search inside rectangle for the pixel
   For $x = $StartX to $EndX
      For $y = $StartY to $EndY
         If PixelGetColor( $x, $y) = $Color Then
            $aReturn[$CurrentElement][0] = $x
            $aReturn[$CurrentElement][1] = $y 
            $CurrentElement = $CurrentElement + 1

   ReDim $aReturn[$CurrentElement][2]
   $aReturn[0][0] = $CurrentElement - 1
   Return $aReturn

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