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Change language and Location settings silently

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Hi folks

I need some advise. I need to change the language and location settings of windows on the fly.


Regional and Language Options >> Regional Options tab


Standard and Formats: English (United States)

Location: United States


Standard and Formats: French (France)

Location: France


Currently i do have a script which invokes int.cpl in the run window and clicks the appropriate buttons to the set up the stuff.

But i was thinking of doing a silent regional and language change.

ie. when i run the script, the applet doesn't opens and it is all done in the backend, invisible to the user.

I don't really need the code right now, just some pointers to the right direction. any advices?



ps. i am aware that it can be done by directly changing registry entries but i'd rather not let my script interact directly with the registry.

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Sorry for bumping it up. but does anyone has any ideas on this?

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Is this of any use?

Changing the Regional Settings without Using the Control Panel

I know the page metions Arabic but I think the article is pretty general-purpose.

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